John A. Howarth
Associate Appraiser

Professional Expertise

John Howarth is a highly skilled real estate professional with a diverse background. His proficiency extends across residential and commercial property appraisal, real estate marketing, mortgage underwriting, and database software development. Serving as an Associate Appraiser at The Appraisal Group since 2010, John delivers meticulous valuations. With experience at The Kline Appraisal Company, Howarth Realty Appraisals, and beyond, he demonstrates adaptability in the industry. Licensed as a Certified General Real Property Appraiser and a real estate broker in Minnesota, John’s prestigious Senior Residential Appraiser (SRA) designation from the Appraisal Institute underscores his dedication to excellence. His clientele includes major institutions and private individuals, and he maintains active membership in professional associations. John’s comprehensive approach to real estate services solidifies his reputation as a trusted and proficient expert.

Memberships, Licenses and Professional Affiliations

  • Senior Residential Appraiser (SRA) designation from the Appraisal Institute (1992)
  • Certified General Real Property Appraiser (No. 4000276) in the State of Minnesota
  • Realtor member of the Minneapolis, Minnesota, and National Association of Realtors
  • Real estate broker (License No. 0495806) in the State of Minnesota
  • Formerly active locally and regionally with the Appraisal Institute until 2006
  • Current appraiser member of the Employee Relocation Council (E-R-C)

Work Experience

  • Associate Appraiser at The Appraisal Group (June 2010-present)
  • Associate Appraiser at The Kline Appraisal Company (December 1993-2004)
  • Full-time Appraiser at Howarth Realty Appraisals (July 1992-present)
  • Full-time Appraiser at Lyle H. Nagel & Co., Inc. (January 1991-June 1992)
  • Full-time Appraiser at Earl Dorn & Associates (December 1986-December 1990)
  • Full-time Appraiser at Residential Appraisal Company (July 1986-December 1986)
  • Real Estate Consulting at John A. Howarth Realty (September 1983-present)
  • Full-time Real Estate Loan Coordinator at Guaranty State Bank of St. Paul (September 1980-August 1983)
  • Full-time Residential Real Estate Sales at Thorpe Bros. Realty (January 1978-September 1980)


  • Holds a diploma from Écoles d’Américains, Fontainebleau, France (1972)
  • Bachelor of Arts – Cum Laude, University of Minnesota (1973)
  • F.A. from the University of Minnesota in (1980)

Continuing Education

American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers

  • Principles of Real Estate Appraising (IA-I: 7/2/82)
  • Procedures of Real Estate Appraising (IA-2: 7/23/82)
  • Residential Valuation (8-2: 7/30/88)
  • Standards of Professional Practice (SPP/2-3: 9/25/82 and 8/31/89)

Society of Real Estate Appraisers

  • Income Property Appraising (201: 6/13/87)
  • Narrative Report Writing (I I/ 16/90)

The Minnesota Center for Real Estate and Housing Education, St. Cloud State University

  • FHA Appraisal Requirements and Procedures (6/19/92)

The Appraisal Institute

  • Reviewing Appraisals (1/18/91)
  • Income Property Valuation for the 1990s (3 I
  • Commercial Construction Overview (6/8/95)
  • Small Hotel and Motel Valuation (5/29/98)
  • Highest and Best Use (520) 6/22-28/03
  • Separating Real from Intangible (800: 7/10-1 1/03)
  • USPAP update, Bus. & Ethics (400/420: 8/5-6/03)
  • Adv Sales Comparison/Cost Appr. (530: 5/17-22/04)

The International Right of Way Association

  • Wetlands Identification, Mitigation (6/16/94)
  • Appraisal of Partial Acquisitions (401:2/2J96)

John attended real estate seminars sponsored by the University of Minnesota, St. Thomas University, the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors, Pro Source, Kaplan Professional Schools, and the Minnesota Multi-Housing Association. He also completed three writing courses at Hamline Graduate School.