As Seen on WCCO : What goes into a home appraisal?

The housing market is hot right now. Homes are sold almost as soon as they go up for sale. And in many cases, sellers receive multiple offers. But a lot of those sales rest on finding out what a house is worth. So, what goes into a home appraisal? “They’re having multiple offers and it’s […]

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What’s in a Commercial Appraisal Fee?

When you order a commercial appraisal, you are paying for the appraiser’s time and expertise. A typical commercial appraisal could take anywhere from 30 to 60 hours – this often varies based on the type of report that is needed. For example,  a seven-unit apartment building, reported in a summary narrative format, could likely take […]

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Residential Appraisals Basics

A home purchase is the largest, single investment most people will ever make. Whether it’s a primary residence, a second vacation home or an investment, the purchase of real property is a complex financial transaction that requires multiple parties to pull it all off. So who makes sure the value of the property is in […]

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Real Estate Appraisal FAQs

What does “appraisal” really mean? Basically, an appraiser performs an estimation that produces an opinion of value. This opinion or estimate is arrived at through a formal process that commonly utilizes three “common approaches to value”. The cost approach (the buyer will not pay more for a property than it would cost to build an […]

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Appraiser Jargon

Have you heard an appraiser use any of these terms? Did you just hear one of our appraisers use it and you came here to figure out what it meant? We don’t mean to speak a foreign language, but any profession has its jargon. What res ipsa loquitur is to a lawyer and triple witching […]

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Heard on the Street …

Ann M. Lentner, Attorney, Lentner & Vicchiolo, LLC

"The Appraisial Group provides us with great service and prompt, professional results. The reports we receive are of the highest quality in the industry. We highly recommend The Appraisal Group for both residential and commercial appraisals."

Bill Ryan,

"Customer Service stands out in my mind when I think of my experience with the appraisal group. They provide such terrific experience and prompt responses to my questions and requests that it makes the process run much smoother. With The
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